Crafted in custom copper stills

Quality spirits depend on quality production. Our stills were made to order in Germany.


Where Art & Science Meet

In an industrial corner of the 3rd Ward, you’ll find the Cajun Spirits Distillery, where we take the raw materials provided by Louisiana’s agricultural bounty and produce top-quality spirits.

All of our spirits start with 100% Louisiana sugarcane specifically chosen for each spirit. We then ferment the select sugarcane juice using a proprietary yeast strain, which helps yield our distinct flavors.

From there the fermented juice goes into the still where we distill each product to a select proof based on the type of spirit. Then we filter, age or infuse our product.

When ready, our spirits are diluted to bottle strength using hyper-purified water to achieve the most sublime flavors you can find in a bottle.

We love to share our knowledge and fascination for making spirits with enthusiasts. While we’re not quite ready to launch a distillery tour program, we invite you to contact us if you’d like to visit the distillery and observe us at work.

Our products can also be purchased on-site at the distillery.

The Process

  1. Fermentation tank
  2. Copper still, plates/or columns
  3. Infusion tank
  4. Filtering or mixing tank
Alcohol genres are defined by their levels of distillation and the resulting proof. Distillation determines how much the flavor and color of base ingredients (or lack thereof) remain in the final product. Vodka emerges once reaching at least 190° (160 proof). Our rum process targets a 125-135° range.
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