Our Community

Launching Cajun Spirits Distillery and producing top-quality spirits has been a team effort. We value the education we’ve received and the relationships we’ve grown with our partners.

We raise our glass to our supporting cast and community, including:

Erin Allen — Web designer and producer who made more cool things happen than our budget probably deserved.

Bavarian Breweries and Distilleries

Karen Buck — Content strategist, writer/editor and a scandalously early adopter of vodka cocktails.

Rhiannon Enlil, Bartender  — Even though she’s a little suspicious of the term mixologist, Rhiannon can be found behind the bar at and behind the menu of places such as Cure, the Hyatt and the Erin Rose. She got us up to speed on what matters when talking about craft cocktails and spirits.

Cure  — Founders of the New Orleans craft cocktail movement and adventurous entrepreneurs who helped instigate the rebirth of Freret Street.

Maria Etkind, Etkind Design Studio — Fearless leader of our web design team and a spirits enthusiast who can hold her own.

Arnold Holstein

Elizabeth Pearce, The Cocktail Tour — Food and cocktail historian with a genuine joie de vivre and lovely singing voice. Elizabeth educated us on NOLA’s cocktail history.

South Broad Business Coalition